What Do Smart Homes Look Like Now?

Smart home connect to mobile device

A majority of homeowners have expressed interest in smart home technologies they can control from their device. Pre-existing home buyers are beginning to expect these technologies within the home, while new home buyers are expecting these features to be built into a new construction home.

Smart homes have come a long way since early gadgets such as smart thermostats or smart doorbells. These days, a smart home uses automation throughout the major home systems to increase energy efficiency, make your home more secure, and simplify your life. Explore the top desired features in smart homes now.

Smart Appliances

The latest appliances have energy efficiency features, such as refrigerators with humidity controls designed to help food last longer or ovens with programmable cook times. With a touchscreen interface and app compatibility, appliances from the refrigerator to the oven are designed to be easier to use.

Smart Lights

Smart lights have been around for some time, but the earlier generations were more like remote control or timer lights. Now, smart lights interact with other systems in the smart home for intuitive on/off functionality.

Smart Alarms

Smart home alarms use wireless connectivity and motion sensing technology to tell whether someone opens a door or window. Some also check for things like smoke in the home. These alarms can be monitored from a tablet or a phone, and they don’t come with the steep monthly costs of traditional home security systems.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are popular among homeowners who need to grant dog walkers, house cleaners, and other service professionals access to the home. These locks allow homeowners to give access to the home with the click of a button, then lock up after without needing to leave a key, which could become lost.

Smart Thermostats

For many homeowners, smart thermostats are the gateway device to the connected home. They deliver automated heating and cooling to save on energy costs.

Rooftop Solar Panels

All of this new technology will be powered by the sun with rooftop solar panels and another new invention, rooftop solar shingles. That means you’ll enjoy all of these benefits of the new smart home without seeing a comparable rise in utility bills.

Smart homes offer stronger security, efficiency, and integration with access-from-anywhere capability, thanks to apps. As you’re remodeling your home, think about ways to incorporate some of these smart technologies.