What Should Be Included in Your Roof Service Contract

Roof Service Contracts

When you hire a roof replacement contractor to perform work on the roof of your home, the contractor will draft a service contract. This contract holds essential information that homeowners need to understand before any work is started by that company. While the contract may vary based on the scope of the project, there are several aspects that are found in a typical roof service contract.

Details of Business

The roofing contractor should always clearly state the business name, address, and phone number. It should provide information regarding the company’s license number, whether they are bonded (if applicable), and proof of business insurance.

It should also state the customer’s name, their home address, and the address of where the contractor’s work will be performed if you are getting the roof repairs or replacement done on a second home at a different location. Other business details that are found on the contract include any warranties for the work, materials, and labor. The contractor should also provide liabilities.

Scope of Work

Roofing contractors in Cincinnati will provide specific details regarding the roof project. They will state the issue that the customer called them about and the solution which was agreed upon by both parties. The contract should go over the materials that will be used for the project and the type of services the contractor will provide.

Project Duration

Both homeowners and contractors will come to an agreement on when the project will take place and how long it will last. The typical time for work projects is usually 2 weeks to 6 weeks after the customer signs the contract. This timeframe allows the contractor to finish any remaining projects, obtain the necessary materials/tools, and ready his work crew.

The timeframe may be adjusted at the homeowner’s request if the contractor has a fluctuating schedule where they may do the work sooner, or based on the time of year. It should also state what will occur if any unforeseen delays occur, such as adverse weather.

Payment Options

Payment options vary depending on the work and the contractor’s policies. A customer should see the costs for the entire project. Some roofing contractors in Cincinnati may further break down these services based on materials and work. They may also separate any additional work that you’ve agreed to that does not pertain to the roof replacement services.

Payment may involve an initial deposit before the work begins and the final payment. There may also be an additional payment that is required to cover materials and labor.

How to Terminate the Contract (If Needed)

The homeowner can cancel the roofing service. The contract should state the steps required to cancel the contract, payments that need to be made, whether any deposits are refundable, and the timeframe on when the contract termination can take place.

Always read over the contract and ask questions before signing it. For more information about roof replacement services in the Cincinnati area, contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.