What to Avoid When Planning a New Roofing Project  

roofing projectThe choice of a roofing contractor is one of the most important parts of planning for a new roof. Here are four mistakes to avoid when planning for your roof replacement.

1. Prioritizing a low price

Roof repairs can be expensive, so many homeowners are naturally drawn to bids that come in lower. However, the lowball estimate is usually an outlier for a reason. Maybe the contractor doesn’t have proper licensing or insurance, or maybe they use shoddy materials or unskilled labor. Whatever the reason, it all adds up to a major red flag for homeowners. A low-cost roof could cost more in the long run when it fails or needs frequent repairs.

2. Not getting a written estimate

It’s always important to have a written estimate that reflects the original bid and scope of the project. This can serve as proof if bills come in higher than you anticipated or, conversely, if a contractor tries to get out of work that they promised to do. While you hope it never gets to this, it’s important that you be prepared just in case.

3. Failing to sign contracts

With any home improvement work, you need a contract that protects you. Again, while you hope it doesn’t get to this, your contract could be legally enforceable in court if the roofer fails to perform as promised — say, if the new roof develops a leak within months of installation.

It’s wise to hire a roofer that offers guarantees of workmanship, but at minimum, in the absence of guarantees, you need a signed contract before the work begins.

4. Being unfamiliar with a roofing contractor

There are a lot of scammers out there in the roofing profession, be they storm chasers hoping to fool homeowners or untrained workers trying to punch above their weight. Before you give anyone the job, you should review references and do some quick online research for the contractor and company name. Customer review sites can provide valuable information on how customers feel about a company’s workmanship, but you should also speak with references the contractor provides.

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