What to Do When Your Roof Gets Hail Damage

Snow on roof melting into gutter

Hailstorms can bring unpredictable weather that can cause significant roof damage. Hail can strip off the granules from shingles to shorten their product lifespan or penetrate the shingles to create perforations that can allow moisture to reach the roof deck and leak into the home. If your roof does experience hail damage, here are several steps to bring your roof back into good condition.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Just because a storm occurs doesn’t mean that every house on the block was hit by hail. You want to perform a visual inspection of the surrounding area of the home. Look to see if there are small dents in vehicles, if the plants are stripped of leaves, or if there has been any damage to exterior furnishings or equipment such as chairs, tables, and air conditioning units. You may also spot black shingle granules on the ground. This inspection can determine if any hail hit your home.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

It can be difficult to spot roof damage from the ground. If you are sure that a hailstorm occurred, and it would be too difficult or dangerous to climb up on the roof yourself, get a contractor to perform a professional roof inspection. They will be able to safely get up on the roof to perform a close evaluation and determine the extent of the damage.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies will offer coverage protection for hail damage in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Every insurance company will have its own specific stipulations regarding how to file a claim so you can be reimbursed for roof repairs or replacements. The policy should state the amount of time you have to file the claim, what types of damages will be covered, and the deductible amount.

Hire Trusted Roofing Contractors

On some occasions, you may come across contractors who are storm chasers. They may watch the weather reports for potential storms and go to neighborhoods to offer cheap repair services. Unfortunately, these contracts may not have the experience or work ethic to perform the repairs correctly, which could cause additional problems when you file an insurance claim. Always hire a trusted roofing contractor who has local operations in your neighborhood and is willing to provide you with a work portfolio and good references.

If you experienced hail damage to your roof, you should not wait to get it fixed. The damage will likely become worse. Reach out to Brandstetter’s KangaRoof to have your roof inspected so we can perform the necessary repair work.