What to Expect During a Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation

Adding a window to your home can be an involved process. When it is a skylight, there are several aspects to understand as you will be changing the structure of your roof. Learn about what to expect with the process when a Cincinnati roofer adds a skylight to your home.

Costs for Skylights

Skylight materials and labor costs are usually higher than window installation. Average costs may run anywhere from $900 upwards to $2,300, as the national average is about $1,500. These prices are just estimates, as the price you are quoted may be higher or lower based on the size of the window and the complexity of the installation process.

Skylight Placement

You need to consider the placement of the skylight and how it will provide natural light into the space. You also want to check the local building codes for the installation of the skylight and ensure that the skylight you pick will match the pitch of the roof to allow water to slope down and into the gutter system.

Prepping the Opening

Before cutting into the roofing materials, the Cincinnati contractor will locate and mark where the rafters are and place an outline of the frame to position it in the right place. They will create a rough frame while driving screws at each corner of the skylight outline.

Cut the Opening

With the screws driven up through the roofing materials and the ends sticking out of the roof, the roofer now knows where to start removing the roofing materials. They use chalk to draw a chalk outline using the screws as a guide and will remove the shingles up to 6 inches to 12 inches from the outside of the screws that are helping to mark the frame. Next, they remove the screws and cut the opening by following the chalk lines.

Skylight Installation

The skylight will have cladding that needs to be removed. The roofer will center the skylight in the opening and nail it into the roof. They install weatherproofing by adding in the ice and water shield about 6 inches from each corner of the skylight as it will be long enough to reach the frame. Afterward, the Cincinnati roofing contractor will install the sill flashing and shingles from the bottom of the skylight up to the top and place them on the cladding.

Drywall Repair

The Cincinnati roofer will replace any insulation that is missing or has come out of the frame opening inside the home. Then the contractor repairs the drywall. If the skylight will open to allow ventilation, they will add the screen too.

Having a skylight installed correctly will prevent any leaks while providing your home with additional light. If you are looking for skylight installation, contact the roofers at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.