When Is It Too Hot to Work on a Roof?

Water Condensation on red surface

Sunny summer days are an ideal time for roof work, but with temperatures spiking in many parts of the country, is it ever too hot to work on a roof? Here’s what you need to know about roof work safety in extreme heat.

Roofing in Hot Weather

As a general rule, heat can pose a danger to roofing technicians when temperatures climb above 90 degrees. The heat index, which reflects both the temperature and the humidity, means that temperatures below 90 degrees can be dangerous, too.

Two roofing types in particular pose additional dangers that should be considered: metal roofs and black roofs. Black absorbs heat, as does metal. So these materials absorb solar heat and then radiate it, causing the environment to feel warmer than it actually is. For the same reason, metal tools get uncomfortably hot, too.

A roofing contractor will evaluate the safety of working conditions if heat is a concern. A professional roofing contractor will not send workers up on the roof if the weather poses a danger to employee health.

Roofing Safety Tips

Understanding the risks of heat, how do roofing contractors protect their employees? We can’t tell you what the other guys do, but we can tell you what we do to promote roofing safety in extreme summer heat.

We provide our employees with the same information we’ve shared with you. New employees may not have a sense for what it’s like to work on the roof. They may not really understand the heat difference in working on a black asphalt roof under the full sun. Thus, we train all of our workers on safety, including weather related issues.

We recommend employees wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing. Light-colored clothing blocks heat, helping people stay cooler. Heavy clothing, like jeans, are not recommended during hot summer weather.

Lastly, we encourage employees to take more frequent breaks when the weather is hot, stay hydrated, and eat appropriately.

These tips help our employees work safely even when the weather is hot, so they can do the best job possible when repairing or replacing your roof.

At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we take the safety of our employees seriously, whether it’s protecting against heat injuries or protecting worker safety on the job. We’re happy to talk more about safety issues related to roofing, so call 513.713.0418 with any questions.