Why a Quality Roof Might Save You Money on Winter Heating

snow pile on roof

Winter weather with snowy conditions to extremely low temperatures can have you turning up the thermostat to keep warm and to prevent the water pipes from freezing. However, no matter how high you raise the thermostat, it may still feel cold and drafty in the rooms. While winterizing windows and doors can help with the cold drafts, having a quality roof can also help protect your home from the winter elements while also saving you money on heating costs.

Cost-Saving Benefits of a Quality Roof

With a quality roof, the wintry weather cannot seep inside from the roof while the warm indoor air stays where it belongs to make everyone feel comfortable. You are not constantly turning up the furnace to maintain the same temperature throughout the home. This benefit leads to lower heating costs by reducing heat loss. An additional benefit of a quality roof is that it can increase your home’s value, which also enhances the resale potential when you place it on the market.

The Importance of a Quality Roof

An important aspect of a quality roof is its weatherproofing capabilities. A damaged or neglected roof can allow too much heat to escape due to missing or poor insulation, as it does not form a protective barrier. Instead, heat loss becomes reduced. Also, this barrier wards off the freezing rain, sleet, snow, and ice. By warding off this weather, moisture cannot penetrate to cause structural damage as well as mold growth.

Tips for Maintaining a Quality Roof in Winter

Ensure that your roof has the proper attic insulation. Insulation comes with R-value ratings to describe its efficiency. The higher the rating, the more protection it can provide. You also want to keep the roof free of debris and a buildup of snow and ice. Make sure to remove them to prevent damage that can lead to moisture penetration. Finally, hire a roofing contractor to regularly inspect the roof to spot potential issues and perform immediate repairs.

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