Why You Shouldn’t Delay Replacing Your Roof

old roof that needs repair

A roof is an important interconnected system that provides safety, integrity, and security to your Cincinnati home. If any part of that system is damaged, it can impact other aspects of the house including the walls, insulation, and windows. An old or damaged roof can also harm the financial security of your house when it comes to getting insurance or selling the property. Here are several dangers that can happen when you delay on getting your roof replaced.

Potential Electrical Hazards and Fires

Water that gets past the protective properties of the roof can damage interior walls, insulation, carpets, flooring, and possessions. If there is exposed wiring, cracked wiring, or junction boxes that come into contact with the leaks, this water can short-circuit wiring, which can pose an electrical hazard. Coming in contact with a shorting wire may cause electrical burns and possible electrocution. Sparking wires also have the potential of setting flammable materials on fire.

Water Damage

Roof leaks can be hard to discover. The water runs along wooden beams, soaks into drywall, and gets between joists. This water damage not only impacts the roof framing, but it can also damage insulation and interior possessions. With constant water damage, your home can deteriorate faster, requiring more work that will be needed in addition to the roof replacement project.

Mold Growth

When the structure of your home becomes exposed to excess moisture, it can begin to develop mold and mildew within a 24-hour to 48-hour timeframe. Mold and mildew can pose serious health problems for your family. These issues can also be difficult to remove from the home.

Costly Repairs

When you hold off on getting your roof replaced, you are allowing the problem to become worse. This creates more damage that will need repaired and can impact the whole structural integrity of your home. Instead of a simple roof project, it can then become siding, insulation, and interior wall repair projects that can be a greater financial detriment to your budget.

Structural Decay

Timely roof replacement allows you to simply replace the shingles and underlayment. In some cases, the roof deck may also need minor repairs or replacement. However, if you avoid this project, the water creates more damage and has the opportunity to reach other structures of the roof, such as roof rafters, ceiling joints, and wall frames.

Decreased Property Value

If you plan to sell the house with a damaged roof, it can significantly decrease the property value when it undergoes an inspection. The buyer will take the damage into consideration and either request the homeowner to fix the issue or decrease their asking price. In other instances, the buyer will simply walk away from a deal with the value drops. Roof damage can also cause problems if you plan to take out, or you have taken out, a home equity loan or home equity line of credit.

Insurance Coverage Limitations

Home insurance policies will cover roof replacement, yet there are limitations based on the type of damage. Most policies cover inclement weather, such as hail damage. The policies will also cover sudden accidental damage. However, the insurer will not cover any roof replacement due to neglect or wear-and-tear. When you avoid getting roof replacement early when the problem is related to inclement weather or accidental damage, the insurance company may claim the extent of the damage is from neglect.

Getting your roof replaced can ensure that the structural integrity is retained. You can also take advantage of new energy efficiency innovations. If you are looking for roof replacement services, contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof today.