Winter Storm Damage: How It Can Affect Your Roof & Home

roof in winterYou know that winter storms can be damaging to your roof, but do you know how to spot the signs of damage? Find out signs of damage to your roof, which could impact your roof and your home, and learn what to do if you suspect there’s been storm damage.

Top Signs of Roof Damage After a Winter Storm

Ice Dams

You can see ice dams from the lawn: Thick slabs of ice hanging on your gutters. The danger here is twofold: One, the ice dams are so heavy they could rip gutters off your roof and, two, the melting ice can leak through the roof and into the home. If you see ice dams on the roof or notice leaks on inside walls, there’s a major roofing problem. Call a roofing contractor to mitigate the damage before things get exponentially worse.

Hanging Gutters

Gutters should never be hanging off the house, so if your gutters are not attached as usual, there’s something wrong. You should always have loose gutters repaired after a storm, so they can drain melting snow and ice away from the roof. A reliable roofer can inspect the entire gutter system and let you know whether there’s more storm damage to worry about.

Attic Mold

If snow and ice are so severe that they block attic ventilation, moisture can’t vent from the attic. Mold and mildew will soon develop. You’ll be able to smell a musty odor in the attic if this happens. Attic mold can compromise not only the health of your shingles, but your health, so please take action if you start to smell mold.

What To Do if You’ve Got Storm Damage

Homeowner’s insurance covers storm-related damage to your roof, which is welcome news for those wondering how to pay for emergency roof repair after a storm. You will need to let your insurance company know about the damage, so they can send someone out and begin the claims process. It’s important that you work with a local roofing company who understands the insurance process.

We at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof have experience in helping homeowners get coverage for roofing damage and in providing accurate estimates to insurance companies, which can help the claims process resolve faster. To get an estimate for roofing damage after a storm, contact us online or call 513.713.0418.