4 Common Issues with Skylight

old skylight

Skylights can become a great addition to the home when properly installed. They can bring in light to dim rooms and allow people to watch the weather while relaxing. However, installing a skylight is a complex process. A skylight is also prone to certain issues. The reason is that the skylight is placed on the top of the roof where it will experience the brunt of the harsh weather, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Learn more about the 4 common issues with a skylight.

Poor Installation

Many people treat skylight installation the same as a regular window installation through siding. So they may try to install the skylight themselves as a weekend DIY project. This issue can lead to poor installation where the skylight experiences leaks, rot, and mildew growth. Special consideration must be taken when cutting away the roofing system to install a skylight.

Poor Sealing and/or Flashing

Since you are cutting away part of the roofing system to install the skylight, you are compromising the roof’s overall weather protection properties. The area where the skylight meets the roof materials will need to be sealed to prevent moisture from entering the gaps. The sealing and flashing have to be done right and maintained. In time, the skylight will need to be resealed or reflashed due to degradation and corrosion.

Old Insulation

When placing in a skylight, the old insulation may be left in place. However, this insulation may be damaged and deteriorated to the point where it does not provide protective properties. Removing the old insulation and adding in new insulation can prevent problems with drafty skylights and an increase in energy bills.

Excess Condensation

When there are varying temperatures inside and outside the home, combined with moisture levels in the air, this can form condensation on skylights. The warm, moist indoor air is impacted by the cold glass and outdoor temperatures, as the moisture sticks and forms on the glass.

While a little condensation won’t create many issues, excess condensation can actually cause the water to drip from the skylight. A dripping skylight may also indicate a problem with the flashing.

The type of skylight repairs that a Cincinnati roofing company provides will depend on the specific issue. It’s best to get the skylight inspected to determine the root cause. If you are having skylight problems, call Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.