Top 4 Types of Roof Leaks and How to Identify Them

leaky roof ceiling damage

When water starts to drip from the ceiling or along the walls, you may have a roof leak that needs repaired. There are 4 types of roof leaks that are very common for homes in the Cincinnati area. Finding these leaks can be difficult, as a trusted Cincinnati roofing company can help locate the issues. Check out these 4 common types of roof leaks.

Pipe Boots

Pipe boots are collars that fit around pipes that come up out of the roof. These pipes are often used for venting exhaust gases from furnaces, water heaters, ceiling vanes in bathrooms, and other systems. The rubber collar covers the gap between the pipe and the roofing material to provide a seal from water penetration. In time, the pipe boot can deteriorate to create leaks. The boot should be inspected for damage or deterioration.


Flashing are long strips of metal placed along the roof where two edges meet, two different materials meet, or along the roof edge. You can find flashing along the bottom bricks of a chimney where it meets the shingles or where two roof walls connect. This flashing can become damaged as it develops gaps or cracks that could allow water to enter. This flashing should be inspected for damage.

Nail Pops

A Cincinnati roofing contractor will install shingles on the roof deck by using nails. These nails are designed to keep the shingle secure while standing up to harsh weather the nail is hidden beneath part of the shingle. On some occasions a nail will more upward from the plywood and shingle. This problem is referred to as nail pop. You may notice that the shingle has raised or arched from the roof. Other times you may see the nail head up through the top of the shingle. You want to evaluate your shingles to address lifting or any exposed nails.


Vents help to keep the attic cool and provide air circulation to prevent condensation. These vents can be located along the ridge of the roof as well as small, enclosed boxes along the shingles. While the design of the vents prevents moisture from entering, it can still develop gaps from where the nails come loose or rust that attach the vent to the roof. Check and replace any corroded, damaged, or missing nails.

Leaks can be tricky to pinpoint and may need immediate repairs. It’s always best to hire a trusted Cincinnati roofing contractor such as Brandstetter’s KangaRoof for assistance to prevent delays that could make the leaks worse.