4 Tips for Writing Great Customer Reviews

Person giving feedback on mobile device

Customer reviews are great ways to let other people know about your experience with a company. If you’ve worked with a contractor, they would benefit from learning what you liked about the experience and any negative aspects, so they can make the necessary improvements or provide follow-up with the customer to increase their satisfaction. Whether you are leaving KangaRoof reviews regarding our services or working with other companies, here are several tips to use to make the most out of your review.

Ensure It’s The Right Company Review Page

Always check to make sure that you are leaving a review with the company that actually performed the work. Some companies may have similar sounding names or names that may have the words in a different order but are run by separate entities. Look over the company’s about page and compare the website’s contact information with any paperwork that the contractor provided to you.

Provide Detailed, Constructive Feedback

While companies enjoy hearing positive reviews, constructive feedback is also desirable. They want to hear about the problems you may have had as a customer. Also, make sure KangaRoof reviews are detailed and honest. Stick with the facts of the interaction and remain truthful as the company can use the information to make improvements to their operations.

Touch on Different Aspects Of the Interaction

You are not limited to only talking about the work that was performed. You can talk about the customer service interaction you had when getting an assessment, how workers answered your questions when arriving at the job site, and how any complaints were handled. Touch on a variety of aspects from the initial contact with the contractor to when they finished the work.

Maintain a Civil Tone

You may have had a negative experience with the company. Explain what happened in a civil and honest tone. Just stick with the details and what you found displeasing with the service. Posting defamatory or insulting language may result in having the review taken down, even though you had a legitimate reason to be upset. Talking a calm and sober tone will have the company take your review seriously instead of simply brushing it aside.

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