How to Get the Most From Your Roof Service

Construction gear and blueprints

When hiring roofing professionals, you want to make the most out of their roof service when on the job. You are putting money into the repairs or replacement of your roofing system. Ensure that you are getting the best work, while also learning about how to maintain your roof so it lasts. Here are several things you can do when the contractors are at your home:

Ask Service-Related Questions

Contractors are skilled professionals who have years of experience in the work they provide. If you have questions regarding the roofing issue that they are there to solve, many contractors are more than willing to inform you about the work they will perform. Ask about how they will fix the issue, ways to prevent the issue from happening again, and how long the repair will last.

Keep in mind the focus on roof service questions during the times when the contractor isn’t busy up on the roof. A couple of good times to ask service-related questions is when they perform the assessment and after the work is completed.

Check the Warranty, Worker Training, and Liability

Never sign a contract until you understand a warranty. The same applies when you get roof service. Check out all the warranties, including material warranties and any offered by the contractor. Learn about what the warranty covers, how long it lasts, and any exclusions. Also, find out if there are any fees associated with the service.

You also should find out about the type of worker training that contractor provides to their employees and if they have any worker liability insurance. These two factors indicate how the contractor handles workplace safety and manages their trained employees.

Perform Evaluation of Provided Roof Work

If the work is reachable, and you feel confident about getting up on the roof in a safe manner, and then inspect the contractor’s work. Check to see what materials they used and how they performed the repair or replacement work. If you see any potential problems with the workmanship, take photos of the possible issues and reach out to the contractor.

Leave a Work Review

Take time out of your day to leave a review about the roof service. Always be fair and unbiased regarding your review. Also, ensure the review is focused on the contractor, workers, and the work. Avoid leaving comments that are outside the work that the contractor provides.

Whether you are leaving a positive or negative review, ensure it captures your thoughts about the service. A good contractor takes the review into consideration and strives to make improvements to their company and to their future work. Our company always looks forward to reading KangaRoof Reviews from all of our customers.

If you need roof assessment and services, reach out to the professionals at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.