A Day in the Life of a Roofer

Illustrated person holding a hammer

What does a roofer do all day? If you’ve ever wondered what life is really like for the roofers who tear off and replace roofs, this “day in the life” will offer a sneak peek inside what it’s like to work in residential roofing.

Roof Inspection and Repair Estimates

Any roofing work begins with inspection and an estimate, which gauges the scope of work and costs of repair, including material and labor costs. Roofers typically visit a home, inspect the roof, and write up a bid for the job. Roofers may talk to homeowners to discuss the problem and potential treatments.

Talk to Customers

Roofers spend time talking to clients, returning calls from customers, and scheduling appointments to deliver estimates and schedule jobs. During inspections and repairs, roofers will also talk to customers. Roofers need good customer service skills so they can explain problems and solutions, answer questions, and help customers make the right decisions about their roofs.

Prepare the Job Site

Part of effective and safe roof work is using the right materials for the job and installing the roof correctly, so roofers will gather all the supplies and materials needed. If the job requires replacing an existing roof, roofers will arrange for a dumpster to be delivered onsite.

Given that roof work happens on top of your roof, there are important safety considerations workers must address. Roofers always set up a safe work site before starting a new job. The setup includes erecting scaffolding, which allows roofers to safely access the roof.

Repair or Replace Roof

Roofers repair and replace roofs using a range of materials, such as asphalt, metal, or wood. Many roofing companies will offer services for related issues, which may include chimney repair, skylight installation, or gutter cleaning and installation.

Since every roof is unique, each job can bring forth its own set of challenges for which roofers must develop solutions. Thus, the profession often attracts individuals who like to work with their hands, solve problems, and seek a job that helps make someone else’s life better.

Do you need roof work?

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