Advancements in Roof Technology

Whats Next

The roofing industry changes with time, often in ways that reduce consumer costs and environmental impact. Here are a few of the most recent roofing industry innovations poised to make an impact.

Solar panel roofing

Solar panels on roofs may no longer be new, but panels continue to come down in cost. Arrangements for solar leases as well as cheaper installation of solar panels means that rooftop solar installation is now within the budgets of many average families. By installing solar panels on the roof, you can run your home on energy captured by the sun, lowering your energy consumption and weaning your household off of coal-fired power.

Insulated roofing

Insulation is among the biggest measures you can take to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Properly insulated homes are able to stay at a comfortable temperature in every season with less heating and cooling. The newest generation of insulation products combine traditional insulation with roofing systems for an all in one approach that reduces expenses, protects your home, and saves money each month.

Fireproof roofing

Several traditional roofing materials (including terra cotta and metal) are naturally fireproof. The latest roofing technologies add fireproofing properties to materials that would otherwise be combustible, such as wood. There is major potential here to decrease the spread of house fires, saving property and lives.

Green roofing

Green roofing is a catchall term that refers to a number of environmentally-friendly roofs, from living roofs to solar shingles on roofs. As the name suggests, these roofs have a low environmental impact. In many communities, environmentally friendly renovation and new construction are becoming the norm, thus the demand for green roofing is projected to increase alongside nationwide commitment to sustainability.

Cool roofing

Cool roofs keep the roof cool by diverting solar heat back to the environment using basic scientific principles–light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb them. Using white glue and gravel, cool roofs allow homeowners to stay comfortable by reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof, thus reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to create a comfortable home.

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