The ABC’s of Choosing a New Roofing Contractor

Since a new roof is a major expense, there is a lot riding on your choice of a roofing contractor. It’s a decision many homeowners do not make more than once during their tenure in a home. If you’re looking at getting roof work, learn the ABCs of choosing a new roofing contractor.

A is for Affiliations

The best way to avoid hiring a disreputable roofing contractor is to select someone that is independently verified within the industry. This means a roofer that is licensed, insured, and affiliated with professional organizations.

At Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof, we take affiliations seriously. We are a member of the the National Roofing Contractor’s Association. We are affiliated with Recommended Roofer, Technician Seal of Safety, Green Scented, the Better Business Bureau and more.

If you choose someone who isn’t licensed or insured, you can’t be sure they have the knowledge to fix roof problems correctly. If you select someone with no affiliations, all you have is their word.

B is for Budget

B stands for budget because there’s no way around the fact that roof repairs can be pricey.

You need to have a contractor that will honor your budget if you are going to move forward with roof repairs. This means someone who is forthright and honest, who provides accurate estimates for the work, and who can help you obtain financing so you can get the work done when it is needed.

We partner with Kemba Credit Union to provide worry-free financing for our roofing customers.

C is for Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship speaks to the qualifications and skills of the roofer. A skilled roofer will install a new roofing system correctly, so the roof maintains its structural integrity.

An unqualified roofer could install the system incorrectly. This may void the warranty, leaving you liable for repairs when the roof inevitably fails.

Since craftsmanship is so important, how do you measure it? Look for experience in years and with the type of roof work you need. Request references, then follow up with a phone call to see how happy previous customers are with their roof work.

At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we have over 20 years of experience installing asphalt and metal roofs, cleaning gutters, repairing skylights, and doing other types of roof work. Let us provide a free estimate for your roofing work today.