How to Decide on a Shingle Repair or Shingle Replacement

shingle roofYour home is only as good as your roof: Without a good roof, rain, wind, dirt, and debris can all enter your home causing structural damage and impacting your health and wellbeing. When the shingles on your roof begin to age, you have two options: Replace worn-out shingles, so your roof remains in good condition, or replace the shingle roof with a brand new roof that is airtight and watertight. Use these 3 strategies to choose shingle repair vs. replacement.

Roof Inspections

What condition is your roof in? You can’t tell from looking at it.

Rather than guess at the condition of your shingles from the ground or risk your safety climbing up on the roof, have a roofer come out and inspect your roof. Roofers can give you estimates on your roof’s condition and remaining life span, something that helps you plan for eventual roof replacement.

With shingle issues, a roofer can identify shingle damage before it gets to the point where water is entering your home. With annual roof inspections, you can make sure your roof is in the best possible shape while spending only what’s necessary to remove and replace worn shingles.

Extent of the Damage

If damage is confined to one area, shingle replacement is often the way to go.

Roof replacement is often a better idea when your roof is so damaged — or the damage is so extensive — that it would cost as much to replace shingles as to replace the roofing system.

Trained Expertise vs. DIY

The roof is one area of your home where you should not attempt a DIY approach. Many homeowners injure themselves in roof falls from such attempts. Even if you make it off the roof with no injuries, do you really know what you are doing when replacing shingles?

Always hire a pro who is licensed and certified in roofing, whether you are replacing or repairing shingles. Otherwise, the roof may not be installed properly, which could void the warranty, leave you vulnerable to damage, and cost you more money in the end.