The Benefits to Attic Insulation

insulationIf you own an older home, your attic may not have enough insulation. If, like most homeowners, you rarely enter the attic, you might not know what this really means for you and your home. Find out the top benefits of attic insulation, and how insulation can help you be more comfortable throughout the year.

What are the Benefits of Attic Insulation?

Insulation protects your roofing system (and the structure of your home), increases your comfort level all year round, and saves you money.

When an attic isn’t insulated properly, it can become moist and humid. Any time you have heat and moisture, you’re liable to develop problems with mold, mildew, or rot — which can compromise your roofing system. Your roof may need more frequent maintenance or replacement due to lack of insulation in the attic. By investing in insulation, you can best protect your roofing system so it lasts longer while reducing your risk of unpleasant health hazards, like mildew or mold.

When heat rises to your attic in winter, it encourages the melt and freeze cycle on your roof. Ice dams may build up. Not only are ice dams a potential hazard, but they can pull your gutters away from the roof, damaging the roof.

Heat rises. If your attic isn’t insulated, you stand to lose a lot of heat through the attic in winter. Come summer, heat outside will pass through your attic. Your air conditioning will have to work harder to keep your home cool, which means higher utility costs.

By insulating, you stop the transfer of air between your home and the outdoors via your attic. As a result, you won’t need to adjust the thermostat to be comfortable and you’ll start saving money right away.

Find Out If You Need Insulation

If you’re interested in the benefits of attic insulation, the next step is to find out how well your attic is insulated. Find out how well your attic is insulated, see where air leaks are increasing your energy consumption, and get a quote for insulation. If you invest in insulation, it will pay for itself with improved home comfort and lower costs. Call us to talk about your attic needs