Benefits of Installing a Skylight

3 skylights and blue skies

For homes dealing with dark spaces or who are looking for ways to add more natural lighting, installing a skylight provides a viable option. Skylights are glass panels placed into the roof instead of a wall. These installations work with a variety of homes of different styles as they can offer a range of benefits.

Abundant Natural Light

Having a skylight allows more natural light to enter the room for the entire day. This feature can help with uneven light patterns from windows that can leave dark corners and other shadowed areas. You can increase the roof visibility without needing to add standing lamps and indoor light fixtures.

Aids in Ventilation

Some skylights can be vented. You can open the skylight manually or use a remote depending on the height of the roof. With a vented skylight, you can circulate the indoor air and improve its quality. The skylight helps remove odors and expel hot air without the use of fans or air conditioners.

Utility Bill Savings

If you are looking to reduce the number of lighting elements in the space, skylights provide you with a great option. You don’t have to sacrifice the free space available since the skylight is added to the roof. This option can help reduce your electricity bill. A skylight also helps further control the indoor temperatures in your home. It allows sunlight into the home in the winter to provide more heat, while allowing you to expel excess heat in the summer. So you use your furnace and air conditioner less throughout the year.

Increasing Property Value

Due to the style options of skylights, it can create an attractive indoor space while providing energy efficiency. These benefits help to boost your property value. If you plan to sell your home, buyers can find a well-maintained skylight appealing. A skylight can also brighten up the space to make it look and feel more comfortable and welcoming to potential buyers.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

You may also find health and wellness benefits from a skylight. By providing more natural light and fresh air to enter, you may experience improved air quality and a boost in your mood. Increased light exposure also helps to boost the vitamin B and D levels in your body to improve your health. With the sunlight able to enter the home, the light can prevent fungus and mold growth by drying off surfaces while removing excess heat and moisture buildup.

Keeps Privacy and Security in Mind

If you are worried about your privacy by adding a window to a wall of the home, placing in a skylight is a viable option. You gain the natural light you want in the space without worrying about buying blinds, shades, and curtains for privacy. The light can enter your home without being hampered.

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