What to Know About Roofing Replacement Permits

For many home projects, you will require a permit to perform any repairs or replacements to the main structures of the house. This permit is also needed for the roof. It can provide numerous benefits to both you and the contractor that you hire. Learn more about permits and when you should get one.

What Is It?

A permit is a document offered by the city when a person needs to perform certain construction projects.

The permit allows for the projects to be periodically evaluated by an inspector to ensure that all materials, installations, and other construction work meet required building codes for health and safety. It also provides the homeowner with various protections in case any unforeseen costs or issues arise during the project.

Keep in mind that one permit doesn’t cover every project for the house. You may need various permits at once depending on the type of work that is being done.

Finding Out if You Need a Permit

To know whether you need one, it is best to stay aware of local laws and regulations. Building code requirements can change at any time and you may need a permit. Otherwise, one is required for almost all types of roofing applications. If you are unsure about whether you need a permit for a roofing project, contractors can provide further information that is specific to the installation work.

Can I Apply? How Much Is It?

Yes. All homeowners can apply for the permit. You will just need to show that you own the property and that the reason for the project is valid. Prices for the permit will vary depending on the state, city, and local area. You could pay anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on what the permit will cover.

What to Do to Get Approved?

You need to ensure that all of your accompanying documents meet the required guidelines. The types of documents you need will depend on the city, so it is best to contact them for more information. Generally speaking, you need to show what the project is, who is performing the work, the estimated cost, the size of the project, and the project’s estimated deadline for completion.

With your documents, you will complete the application for the project and wait to receive approval. A supervisor and inspector will sign off on the permit for final approval.

Restrictions on Who and What Is Used for the Project

The city or municipality may have certain restrictions that need to be followed for the project. Depending on the work, you may have to hire a licensed contractor who will follow all building codes and safety regulations. The materials that are used for the project must be approved before construction takes place.

Getting a permit can be a confusing process. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we work with homeowners to provide the information they need to get the permit application process completed. Contact us today.