Best Essential Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

fallen leaves on the roof

With the autumn leaves falling from trees and the neighbors putting out their holiday decorations, it’s time to get your home ready to weather through the Cincinnati winter months. You will need to check and repair the siding, windows, and roof for damage and have the problems repaired. If you are wondering how to start, check out this essential fall roof maintenance checklist.

Examine Roof for Summer-Related Damage

Severe summer storms, nesting pests, and windblown debris can all cause problems for your roof. You want to inspect the roof system to spot common signs of damage. Signs of damage or other problems may include missing shingles, warped shingles, missing granules, cracks, shingle punctures, and indoor leaks.

Consider Roof Replacement

If you are considering a roof replacement for your home, the best time of year to get the project completed is during the fall. You avoid the extreme summer and winter weather while taking advantage of the drier autumn days. Cincinnati roofing companies can quickly and professionally get your roof removed and new materials down without any hassle and with fewer weather delays.

Clean and Inspect Gutters

You will also want to check out the conditions of the gutters. Once the last leaves fall from the trees, you can clean out the system and then check for issues such as loose gutters, holes, or cracks. Then a contractor can perform gutter repairs so they are prepared for the snow and ice that will come during the winter months.

Trimming Overhanging Trees

Overhanging tree branches can fall during storms to cause damage to the roof. Also, these branches can scrape over the shingles and cause granule loss as well as allow animals to get up to your roof where they will try to find some way to enter. Trim back branches to prevent them from falling and reduce pest infestations. If the tree does not belong to you, like a neighbor’s tree close to the property line, contact the neighbor and explain to them the work that is going to be performed to protect your home.

Attic Inspection

Even if you don’t use the attic to store extra possessions, you still want to go up there on a yearly basis to check for problems. Take the opportunity to inspect the insulation for damage, wetness, or mold growth. Also, look for any holes or cracks that could allow moisture or pets to enter.

Hire a Chimney Sweep for Fireplaces

If you have a working fireplace, it is important to keep it in top performance to avoid potential issues and dangers. A chimney sweep will clean out the flue as well as inspect the chimney for structural soundness. They are able to spot places that could lead to potential leaks, cracks, or other problems.

There are Cincinnati roofing companies, such as Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, that can perform a wide range of services that include roof repairs and replacement, skylight repairs, gutter cleaning, and chimney inspections. Learn more about our services by contacting us for a quote.