Should Skylights Be Replaced During Roof Replacement?

skylight installation in new roof

If the roof has a skylight, many homeowners wonder whether they should replace the skylights at the same time as a roof replacement, or save money by keeping it as is. Here are several reasons why you should opt to get the skylight replaced at the same time as the roof.

Anticipated Skylight Damage

While a Cincinnati roofing contractor will try to save the skylight at the owner’s request, sometimes it can be difficult based on the age and the condition of the skylight. Trying to fit the old skylight into the new roof design while preventing leakage can become difficult. Also removing the skylight during roof replacement gives you more design options when changing or updating the architectural style of the home.

Skylights Have Shorter Lifespans

The product lifespan of a skylight ranges around 10 years depending on the manufacturer. This lifespan can also be shortened due to improper installation, severe weather, and moisture penetration. A typical roof that has been properly maintained can last for 25 years or more. By the time you decide to get your roof replaced, your skylights will likely need to be replaced also. Another reason to consider replacing the skylight at the same time as the roof is that placing an old window system with a new roof system often leads to faster wear and deterioration where they meet. You want to keep your new roof in top shape.

Install Modern, Energy-Efficient Skylights

Manufacturers produce new product innovations every few years. These products can be made with lighter and stronger materials as well as weatherproofing capabilities. Replacing your skylight allows you to upgrade to these newer products as they roll out. You can keep your home and your roof in safe condition with these skylight upgrades.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

It’s better for you and the contractor to get both jobs done at the same time. The skylight replacement work doesn’t have to be scheduled at a later time that fits into your or the contractor’s work calendar. Since the contractor is already there with his equipment and crew, getting everything torn out and replaced now can save you both time and money.

The cost of getting your skylight replaced at the same time as the roof can vary based on the Cincinnati roofing company and the purchased materials. Plan ahead of time and speak with a contractor so that you can save enough money in the budget for both projects. For more information regarding roof and skylight replacement, contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.