The Best Roof Material for Your Climate

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Climate varies across the United States, which means that a single roof material is not always the best choice, as it really depends on where you live. Check our Cincinnati roofer’s recommendations for roof material based on climate to see if you’ve got the right roof for your location.

The Best Roof for Your Climate

Asphalt shingles, a traditional choice, work well in the Northeast where winters are cold and snowy. Since homeowners can replace an asphalt shingle one at a time, these are low maintenance.

Both asphalt roofing and metal roofs are good in the Northwest, which is known for heavy rainfall. Metal roofs create a sturdy waterproof barrier; they’re low maintenance and can last for 80 years. With asphalt roofs, which generally last for 20 years, there’s a need for frequent inspections to make sure that the rain is not penetrating the asphalt shingles. If that happens, mold and mildew can develop.

Since the Southeast receives high levels of rain, too, metal roofing is a popular pick in that area. Metal roofing is sturdy enough to withstand hurricane-level winds, another reason why we recommend it for the Southeastern states.

The Midwest has climate extremes, with very hot summers and frigid winters. Slate tile roofs accommodate the temperature extremes and won’t degrade in the way asphalt roofs can break down over time. While asphalt roofs can work in the Midwest, you’ll need to inspect shingle condition regularly.

In the Southeast, clay is our recommended roofing material. Clay tiles soak up the sun, which helps to keep the home cool.

As you can see, metal, asphalt, and slate tile work well in different regions. While you do have some choice if there’s a roofing material you love, take your location into account when selecting a new roof.

Get a Roof Inspection

No matter what type of material your roof is made of, it must be in good condition if it’s going to protect your home from the elements. The best way to check on the condition of your roof is through a roof inspection, which examines the structure and integrity of your roof. Brandstetter’s KangaRoof offers a 17-point roofing analysis where a technician will check your roof, point out any damaged areas, and discuss your roof’s condition and estimated remaining lifespan. To learn more or schedule your roofing analysis, contact us today.