What Causes a Roof to Sag?  

roof lineIf your roof starts to sag, it could be a warning sign that it’s time to repair or replace. Fail to take action and the roof could collapse. Learn common causes of a sagging roof and what to do next if you notice your roof is sagging.

Why Does a Roof Sag?

Moisture is a roof’s enemy. If rain, snow, or ice is sitting on the roof, moisture can seep under the shingles. This weakens the integrity of the shingles, which makes them more likely to fail early, and it may cause mold and mildew to grow. If the moisture penetrates through the roofing system, there could be attic mold as well.

Skipping regular maintenance — whether it’s failing to clean gutters, leaving heavy snow loads on the roof or not having the roof inspected periodically — also spells trouble for roofs. Regular maintenance keeps your roof in good condition by removing debris, fixing problems, and monitoring the roof’s condition.

If the roof was not properly installed — or if the contractor used low quality materials — it can start to sag. Roofs that were not properly installed generally don’t last for their full lifespan, for instance 20 years for an asphalt roof. This is why it’s so critical to work with only licensed roofers, who have access to high quality materials and who understand how to install your roofing system properly.

Get Roofing Repair in Cincinnati

If your roof sags, contact a professional roofer right away. They can inspect the roof and let you know your options. While you may be able to repair a roof that has just started to sag, roof replacement is often the best course of action.

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