5 Warning Signs of Roof Leaks

drops of waterSmall leaks are difficult to spot with the untrained eye, yet they can cause significant property damage. Learn 5 warning signs your roof could have a leak to protect your property, your family, and your home’s value.

Five Signs Your Roof Has a Leak

1. Bulging shingles

Often the first warning sign to appear, this is also something ignored by many people. When shingles bulge outward — which you can see from your lawn — the underlayers are distorted due to moisture. This can occur when the roofing system was not properly installed, which makes it more prone to leaks. If you don’t contact a roofer, the entire roof could sustain serious damage.

2. Water spots

Roof leaks leave water spots on the walls or ceilings. These appear as discolored streaks. When new, water spots may be too small to notice with ease. Over time, the spots get larger and easier to spot. It’s smart to check the ceilings in spring and fall, looking for signs of water damage. This way, you can call a roofer at the first sign of water damage, when the problem is cheaper and easier to fix.

3. Algae on the roof

Growth of algae on the roof usually means there’s a leak somewhere. Algae thrives in moist environments. Since water won’t drain off a leaky roof, it is the perfect breeding ground for algae. To check for algae, go up on the roof when the sun is shining and look for algae stains on the roof.

4. Granules in the gutter

Granules fall off roof shingles after weather events and high wind, so it isn’t unusual to find granules in the gutter. When the quantity seems high, it could suggest a roof leak. Granules provide a UV-resistant coating for the shingles, so when they start to wear away, the shingles cannot function optimally. Have a roofer check things out and advise you on the best course of action.

5. Spongy roof

A leaky roof soaks up water just like a sponge, so it may not be surprising that it would have a spongy feel. Walk on the roof to determine the texture, or head to the attic. If you see daylight through the roof boards, there’s a leak.

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