Three Chimney Basics Every Homeowner Should Know

Chimney with fall leaves covering it

Fall is almost here! As the days turn cooler, you may be thinking of starting up your fireplace. Take a minute to review these three chimney basics to avoid a safety issue this fall or winter.

1. Check the flue liner and chimney cap

The chimney flue liner and chimney cap should be checked annually and repaired if necessary.

If the flue liner is damaged, the chimney can actually become damaged from the heat created by fire. This could weaken the structure and lead to more problems down the road, so it’s best to quickly repair and flue liner issues.

The chimney cap keeps debris from falling into the chimney. It also discourages animals from nesting inside the chimney. Thus, it’s necessary for chimney safety as well.

2. Chimney inspections and cleaning is key

Annual chimney inspections make sure the chimney is structurally sound and points out any areas that need repair. We recommend having the chimney expected in early fall, so you know everything is ready to go before you need to use it.

Brandstetter’s KangaRoof can inspect the outside of the chimney, paying attention to the flashing, mortar cap, chase cap, and flue cap. We are able to perform light masonry work and sealing, as well as other services.

3. Burn only seasoned wood

Seasoned wood is wood that has been left to dry, typically for at least 6 months. As the wood dries, moisture evaporates. Drier wood burns longer than fresh wood, which is also called greenwood. Dried wood creates less smoke and creosote, so the burn is cleaner, too. When you are scheduling delivery of firewood, make sure it’s seasoned.

This may seem like common sense, but it’s worth repeating for safety reasons. The fireplace should only be used when you are at home to supervise it. If you need to leave the house, make sure the fire is totally out. This includes embers, as they could re-light.

Leave the chimney work to the professional you trust for Cincinnati roof repair. To learn more about our chimney work or receive an estimate, contact us today.