What to Consider Before Installing New Skylights

Skylight on white ceiling

Skylights are a good tool to brighten up a dark home, but they are not right for everyone. As you consider installing a new skylight, there are some important considerations to think through before taking the plunge.

Heat Gain: Skylight Slope and Material

Slope refers to the angle of your roof. Slope can affect heat gain, making your house hot in the summer months and driving up your energy bills. To avoid unwanted heat gain, place skylights on a slope that is 5 to 15 degrees above your current latitude.

Certain materials can help reduce heat gain as well. Double-insulated glass keeps outside heat outside the home. Additionally, skylights with a bronze tint decrease transmission of UV rays, as do skylights with low-e glazes.

Glare: Skylight Type and Placement

Some types of skylights are more prone to glare than others. Likewise, the location of a skylight can affect glare. Glare is undesirable because it can make the room very hot or very bright at certain times of the day. This can cause furniture to fade due to UV rays.

By altering the shape of the skylight, you can actually control how the light fills the home interior. A skylight with a flared base spreads the light out, which can dilute glare, while one with straight sides concentrates light in a straight line and can increase glare.

A skylight technician can work with you on selecting the best skylights for your natural environment.

Air Flow: Automatic and Vented Skylights

Automatic skylights can be the right choice for some homeowners. These open and close at the push of a button to control heat. Some even come with rain sensors, so they will shut if it starts to rain.

When skylights open and close, they can increase the energy efficiency of your house by giving you another way to control heat and airflow. If you cannot afford the cost of an automatic skylight, consider a manual skylight that you can crank to open. It isn’t as convenient as those that vent at the push of a button but offers a second-best option.

Get a Quote for Skylight Installation

For skylights to operate as expected, it’s important that you have them installed by a licensed professional. Brandstetter’s KangaRoof has experience installing skylights and will work with you to choose the best options for your needs.