Choosing the Perfect Metal Roof Color for Your Home

red and black metal roofing close up

When it comes to replacing your roof, opting for a metal roof provides numerous benefits, including a wide range of color options. The color of your metal roof can significantly impact the energy efficiency and overall aesthetic of your home. We hope to guide you through the factors you should consider when selecting the perfect color for your metal roof.

Which Type of Metal Roof Coating

Before choosing a color, it’s crucial to understand the available metal roof coatings. The two common options are SMP (Siliconized Modified Polyester) and Kynar 500:

  • SMP Coating: SMP coatings offer a budget-friendly alternative but may start to fade after 10-12 years. While they are resistant to scratches, weathering signs can appear sooner, especially in tropical climates like Florida.
  • Kynar 500: Kynar coating, made of high-performance fluoropolymer resin, is favored by architects and builders. It offers superior durability, protecting against chalking and fading. With a 30-year warranty, Kynar paint outlasts the competition in gloss and color retention.

Roof Color Should Match Your Home’s Style

Ensure that the color of your metal roof complements your home’s overall style. Consider the color of your siding, doors, windows, landscape, and other external elements. Choose a color that blends with your home’s existing palette to create a unified look. Examine color samples at different times of the day, as metal roofing can appear brighter during daylight hours and more subdued in the evening.

Research Local Roof Design Trends

While reflecting on your personal taste is important, it’s also vital to consider the general trends of roof colors in your neighborhood for resale value. Take a walk around your area to get a sense of the style of homes. Select a roof color that you like but ensure it complements the architecture and style of your neighborhood. You can use color to create contrast and make your home stand out or opt for complementary colors for a classic look. For an ultra-modern aesthetic, bare metal roofs like stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum offer a unique and beautiful appeal.

Consider Dark vs. Light Roof Colors

The choice between dark and light roof colors has a significant impact on your home’s perceived size. Lighter colors make a house appear taller, which is beneficial for low roofs. On the other hand, darker colors can make a tall roof seem less overwhelming.

Don’t Forget Energy Efficiency

When choosing roof colors, keep in mind their impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Opt for Energy Star “Cool Roof” colors, which offer superior fade and chalk resistance. Light metal roofing colors, such as white, beige, or light blue, reflect the sun’s rays better, keeping your home cooler in the summer.

By considering these factors and speaking with the roofing professionals from Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, you can choose the perfect color for your metal roof that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal while providing energy efficiency benefits.