Maximizing Roof Replacement with New GAF Materials

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Cincinnati homeowners will be seeking out trustworthy and reliable roofing companies to perform their roof replacements. They want a roof that can stand the test of time, make their home safe and comfortable, and will come with the necessary warranties. This ensures that when there is a problem, it can be easily fixed. Based on these requirements, more homeowners and contractors are using new GAF materials for their roofs.

What Makes Roofing Materials GAF?

GAF means General Aniline & Film, which is one of the leading materials manufacturers in America and the largest roofing business in the world. They provide roofing and waterproofing products that most contractors trust to use for residential and commercial buildings.
Their main products include roofing shingles, ventilation, roof insulation, rooftop accessories, and other materials. The chances that your home has some type of GAF product is high due to the superior material construction, leak protection, algae protection, and heat protection.

Integrity and Curb Appeal

GAF roofing materials offer reliable structural integrity that gives better efficiency and performance during their product lifespan. When properly maintained, the materials can last for roughly 15 years to 25 years. In addition, the materials are suited for most home styles as they can increase the curb appeal of the house and the value of the property.

Due to these benefits, GAF provides a lifetime limited warranty to homeowners who install their lifetime GAF shingles along with at least 3 other qualifying GAF accessories. You do not have to sign up for the warranty as it is automatically given to you by the manufacturer.

Use a Quality Contractor to Install GAF Roofing

Never reuse the old roof materials when obtaining a new roof replacement. Mixing old and new products can be detrimental to the integrity of the entire roofing structure and may lead to excessive wear and tear of the new products. Also, reusing the old materials along with new GAF materials can void the existing warranty.

Having a quality Cincinnati contractor install the GAF roofing helps to maintain the reliability and integrity of the new GAF roofing products along with ensuring you have a good quality roof that you can depend on for many years. For more information about GAF roofing and the steps involved in roof replacement, contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.