Four Common Reasons for Roof Replacement

Common reasons for roof replacement

Maybe you know that asphalt roofs tend to wear out around twenty years, but when are some other situations where you could need a roof replacement? We’ve rounded up four common reasons you may need to replace a roof; read on to be an informed consumer.

When is it Time to Replace a Roof?

1. Age-Related Damage

Age is one of the most common reasons you’ll need to replace a roof. While metal roofs can last 80 to 100 years, asphalt roofs generally wear out after a maximum of 25 years. Variables that affect roof aging include materials, climate, and workmanship. A roof that wasn’t properly installed will fail sooner.

2. Storm Damage

Storm damage is another reason Cincinnati roofers receive phone calls. Heavy winds from hurricanes, tornadoes, or strong storms can blow shingles off the roof. Wind can also cause significant structural damage if tree branches fall on the home. While an arborist can inspect your trees and trim away any branches that are close to the roof, which may prevent storm damage from occurring, a professional roofer can repair storm-related roof damage to protect your home.’

3. Selling a Home

A roof is one of the first things potential buyers see from the curb, which is why it can be smart to replace the roof if you’re thinking of selling the home. If your roof is shabby, potential buyers may get the impression that you’ve neglected other home repairs, or that the home interior is shabby, too. As a result, they may balk at your asking price.

On a related note, landlords with rental properties may opt to replace a roof when marketing their home to prospective tenants. Rental income can offset the cost of roof replacement, thus helping you pay off the cost of the job sooner.

4. Home Addition

When you’re doing an addition, you will need to put a roof over the addition. Even if you choose the same color shingles, the roofs won’t match because one is new and the other is old. Some homeowners opt to replace the entire roof when doing an addition, so the home looks cohesive and the roof can be replaced as one unit going forward.

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