Do I Really Need Gutters On My House?

Do you need gutters on your house

Homeowners often wonder whether home repairs are really necessary; while gutters are fairly invisible, some people may wonder whether gutters themselves are necessary. Learn why most homes should have gutters–and who can omit gutters–to preserve the integrity of the home.

Who Needs Gutters?

In most homes across the U.S., gutters are very important–and are not optional.

Consider the job of gutters, which is to direct water away from the house in rainstorms. Without gutters, water would pool around the foundation of the home, your yard, your driveway, or the sidewalk.

Pooling water can erode soil in the garden with each rain. Plants near the home can drown from excess water, turning your garden bed into an unsightly mess.

Pooling water may also cause foundation settling. When the foundation settles, your home can experience structural problems from cracks in the chimney to tilting floors. If this happens, you can expect to spend a significant sum on repairing the structural damage to your home.

If your house has a history of water damage, you absolutely need gutters.

Who Can Skip Gutters?

If you live in an arid climate, where there is low rainfall, you may not need gutters because you do not get enough rain to worry about flooding or other issues. What’s more, you probably experience high rates of evaporation after a rainfall, which means there’s less chance of water penetrating through the roof line or into the foundation of the home. Unfortunately, few areas of the United States are considered to have arid climates.

We strongly urge all Cincinnati area homeowners to not only invest in gutters, but to make sure gutters are of high quality. If your gutters are poor or failing, you can experience issues like rotting siding or flooded basements.

For optimal performance, gutters should be cleaned twice per year and inspected annually. With an annual inspection, you can verify that gutters are properly attached to the house, clean out clogs that would prevent water from draining away, and enjoy peace of mind that your home is protected.