5 Common Siding Problems to Watch Out For

Common siding issues

Think of your siding as your clothing. It can offer protection when covering up all the important areas of the body. The same holds true with your siding. When your siding is in working order, it can keep the weather and fluctuating temperatures outside. However, the siding will not last long if it is not properly maintained. Here are several problems to look for and ways to fix the issues:

Faded or Peeling Paint

The paint along the siding not only provides a great look for your home but also protects the siding from damage. Depending on the color of the paint, it can also reflect sunlight away from your home to keep it cooler. Peeling paint leaves the surface exposed to the outdoor elements and may form cracks so that moisture can enter. Faded paint could cause the value of your home to decrease due to a lower curb appeal. Painting or replacing your siding can restore the home to its original beauty and increase the siding’s longevity.

Buckling & Warping

If you see warps or buckling along the sections of the siding, this could be a clear indication that the siding was not installed properly. If the siding is nailed down too tight, it cannot expand or contract when the temperature changes inside a room. The warping and buckling can be fixed by having new siding reinstalled in the correct manner.

Moisture Damage

Moisture is the biggest problem that you have to check for when it comes to maintaining the life of your siding. Once water penetrates, it can start to rot out wood siding, interior wall studs, and insulation. The moisture may also cause mold growth. Removing the rotted sections away and replacing the cracked siding is the best way to address this problem.

Cracked or Missing Panels

Panels may become cracked by impact from rocks, windblown objects, or hailstorms. Panels may also be pulled off from wind and storms. When this happens, the interior side of your home becomes exposed to the weather. Evaluating your home after storms and performing periodic inspections allows you to spot cracks and missing panels. Replacing the damaged or missing panel can help to seal up the exterior of your home.

Noisy Siding

You may have noticed that your siding makes strange noises during storms or even on calm nights. It may rattle, squeak, pop, and cause other noises. The sound could become so excessive that it may keep you up at night. This issue is caused by poor installation, as the siding was nailed down too tightly that it cannot properly expand and contract due to fluctuating temperatures. Getting the siding hung correctly can fix this problem.

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