Is Maintaining a Chimney Costly?

Chimney Repair

Many homes in the area come with a working fireplace. Maintaining the fireplace may range in price based on the size, how often it is used, and the types of resources it burns. Here are the general costs that a chimney may impose on your budget, and ways to lower repair and maintenance expenses.

General Costs

Typically, the severity of the damage will determine the price based on where it is located. Small cracks create smaller costs ranging around $100. However, if this damage is not prevented then water may enter into the cracks, loosening mortar and causing greater problems. The repairs may raise costs up to $700 when dealing with water problems and tens of thousands of dollars for a full chimney replacement.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the chimney, yearly sweeping may cost from $100 to $300. These prices will vary based on the company you select and the amount of soot and creosote buildup are in the flue.

Minimizing Damage to Reduce Costs

Addressing the damage when it is discovered may help to keep costs as low as possible when getting yearly cleanings. Also, get the chimney inspected to look for potential problems. The crown of the chimney that keeps water from entering could become cracked. The crown also contains the spark arrester which prevents sparks from catching the roof on fire.

You should also address water issues that are found during inspections. These water issues could lead to mold or wood rot along the roofline that will cause the planks to need repairs or replacement.

Lowering Costs by Performing Repairs

If you are looking for ways to lower repair costs, there are some things you can do yourself. Occasionally burn citrus rings or potato peels. These outer peels help to reduce the amount of creosote buildup, allowing your fireplace to be used longer before it needs professional cleaning. Doing small repairs yourself also allows you to better understand how your chimney works.

If there are chimney repairs that you cannot safely do yourself or don’t feel confident doing, reach out to Brandstetter’s KangaRoof. We can perform the inspections and repairs that your home needs.