Do Falling Leaves Damage Gutters?

Fall weather is here, and that means leaves are falling all over the Cincinnati area. Whether your home has maples, oaks, hickories, or elms, falling leaves wind up all over the roof and gutter system. As they fall, you might be wondering if those leaves damage gutters.

Discoloration From Falling Leaves

High winds and heavy rains naturally wash leaves off branches and onto the roofing system. As the leaves decay, that dark brown color can actually wash off onto your roof and gutters, causing discoloration. Once in the gutter, those leaves act like tea leaves: they discolor the rain water and create a tannic stain. The discoloration is difficult to remove from the gutters. The best way to prevent discoloration is to promptly remove leaves from the gutters before the leaves turn everything dark brown.

Clogs From Falling Leaves

When you don’t remove leaves promptly, they pile up. This creates a barrier to slow rain water that’s seeping toward the drainage holes. When water is unable to drain from the gutter, it can seep through the fascia and eventually create entrance holes for pests. If the gutter becomes full, water may sloshes over the sides of the gutter and wet the shingles. In a prolonged storm, this can push the shingles up and allow water to penetrate the roofing system.

Clogged gutters also lead to foundation problems, because the gutter’s downspout isn’t able to carry water away from the foundation. Bottom line: if you don’t deal with clogged gutters, you’re setting yourself up for future drainage problems, rot problems, and foundation issues.

Warped Gutters From Falling Leaves

If you don’t remove leaves from gutters before winter sets on, you could wind up with warped gutters come spring. During winter, the wet leaves will experience natural freeze and thaw cycles. Leaves expand when frozen, which means your gutter will expand, too. A warped gutter won’t function properly, so you’ll need to have it serviced.

If you neglect leaves in the gutter, you’ll eventually wind up needing gutter replacement or roofing work to protect your home. Before things get that bad, schedule a gutter cleaning service with Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof. We’ll clean the gutters, evaluate their health, and address any roofing or gutter repair issues that prevent gutters from operating naturally. To reserve your gutter cleaning today, call 513.713.0418.