Signs Your Home Has Curb Appeal

Houston home with curb appeal

Curb appeal sells homes: it generates interest, gets home buyers to take a tour, and can even increase an offer because buyers have already fallen in love with the property. But how do you know when your home has curb appeal?

Manicured Lawn

A lush, green lawn is one of the most important signs of curb appeal. If the grass is patchy and dead, home buyers will wonder what else in the house has been neglected. Sow fresh grass seed to rejuvenate a tired lawn, or invest in a landscaping service who can tend to the lawn so it looks lush.

New Roof

Home buyers appreciate a new roof, or a roof that looks like it’s fairly recent: one with full shingles that lay flat rather than curl, without moss growing, and without gutters that are stuffed with leaves or hanging off the home. Have a roof analysis to determine the integrity of the roof, then make any cosmetic repairs that are needed, such as fixing replacement shingles or cleaning the gutters. If your existing roof is in really bad shape, it may help you sell your home for a good asking price if you fix the roof before putting the property on the market.

Clean Windows

Windows should be clean and streak-free, with any smudges removed from the glass. Home shoppers will pay attention to the windows both inside and outside of the home. Consider having a professional window service out, as they can deep clean windows. Then regularly clean them for the duration of the home showing period.

Good Siding

Whether your siding is vinyl, wood, or composite, it must be in good condition. Common problems with home siding include peeling paint, mold or mildew, and damaged shingles or panels. You may be able to handle minor siding problems yourself, but if the damage is extensive, bring in a professional.

Intact Driveway

Just as a dead lawn suggests neglect of other areas of the home, so do cracked or stained driveways. Asphalt resurfacing can smooth over a cracked surface, so it looks brand new. Cleaning with a power washer can get up stubborn grease and oil stains, returning the driveway to a clean, intact condition.

Get Your Gutters Serviced

Brandstetter’s KangaRoof offers gutter cleaning, roof analysis, and roof repair throughout the Cincinnati area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, so you can sell your home with confidence in its curb appeal.