Fall-Proof Your Home With Siding

Leading up to winter, look over your home’s siding. Will it safeguard your home from the elements this winter? Fall is an ideal time to upgrade your home’s siding so it fully protects you from snows. Learn the real role of home siding and how to check your siding for signs it needs replacement.

What Does Home Siding Do?

Home siding may look pretty, but its main purpose is not to give your home a unified look and feel. The real purpose of siding is to protect your home from weather by acting as a secure barrier to entry. When siding is not securely attached, everything from rain water to nuisance animals can penetrate your home.

Since siding blocks wind from entering your home, it has insulating properties. Siding should overlap to create tight seams, but seasonal expansion and contraction can shift the planks, creating gaps. These gaps allow cold air free passage into the home. Siding that’s intact may lower your utility bills and improve your comfort by blocking cold wind, while siding that needs replacement can cost you both comfort and money.

Last but certainly not least, siding offers a design element. By changing the style or color of siding, you can give your old home a new look and feel.

Get New Siding This Fall

Whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, new siding appeals to homeowners. Investing in siding is one of the best ways to protect the home from pests, water damage, mold, and other hazards.

Warning signs you may need new siding include warped boards, rotting boards, and mildew on siding.

Styles of siding to consider include:

  • cedar lap siding – it doesn’t get more classic that cedar wood siding
  • plywood siding – a strong, weather resistant siding option with a variety of finishes
  • vinyl siding – a durable and cost-conscious siding option

Depending on the condition of your current siding, new siding may either replace the existing siding or go right on top, with a moisture barrier between new and old.

Get a Quote for Siding Replacement

Fall is your last chance to get siding repaired or replaced before winter hits. If your home’s siding shows signs it needs replacement, waiting could be more expensive in the long run. Get an estimate from the trusted pros at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, who bring 20 years of experience. Call 513.713.0418 today.