New Season, New Roof!

winter seasonRoof repairs are a serious matter you don’t want to put off. Rather than be surprised by an emergency roof repair that you weren’t budgeting for, learn the warning signs that your roof is getting old, so you can plan for its replacement before it fails.

Warning Signs You May Need a New Roof

Asphalt roofs are built to last for 20 years. As your roof nears the end of its lifespan, start to budget for roof repair. Your roof may not last much longer.

Near the end of its life, roofs start to show their age. If your roof looks terrible from the street, it’s a clear indication that something is not as it should be. You can either climb up on the roof to inspect things yourself (which we don’t recommend) or have a roofing contractor look over the roof for you. While you may be able to replace worn-out shingles if the issue is localized, it’s often more cost-effective to replace a roof with widespread damage.

Rising energy bills suggest a potential roof issue, as do shingle granules all over your gutters or lawn after a storm. This indicates that your shingles are degrading. They are no longer able to protect your roof, which means you need roof repair or replacement urgently.

Perhaps the ultimate sign you need roof work is when the roof begins to leak into the attic. If you’re dealing with water leaks in the roof, you must call a contractor ASAP. The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood you will need to clean up mold and mildew.

A new season is a great time to check over the systems of your home, so you know what’s working properly and what may soon need repair. Combine gutter cleaning and roof inspection with a single appointment from a dedicated roofing contractor. By servicing your roof in the fall, you can enjoy peace of mind that your roof will protect your home and your family this winter.

Get Your Roof Checked This Fall

Schedule your roofing appointment and see how well your old roof is holding up.