Five Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Brick home

Homes don’t come with user manuals…which means that many homeowners aren’t doing everything they really should be doing to protect their investment. To prevent home damage and protect your investment in your home, review these 5 things homeowner should know, but might not.

1. Shut off the water before you leave for a prolonged period

Before you leave your home for vacation, even if it’s only a weekend, shut off the main water valve. Otherwise, you risk coming home to a flooded basement and extensive water damage that’ll cost thousands of dollars to cover. Sure, home insurance reduces your out-of-pocket spend, but it only takes a minute to turn off the water and protect your home.

2. Know where your property line is

Many communities mark property lines with iron stakes, but these may be buried underground, out of sight. Look up your home’s survey or rent a metal detector to search for the stakes, so you know exactly where your property line is. You can watch for anything happening in your neighbor’s yard that affects you, and you’ll know whose responsibility it really is to trim that overgrown tree.

3. Pick a reliable, licensed contractor

Whether you’re planning a home repair, renovation, or remodel, it is critical that you hire a licensed contractor–someone who’s reliable, experienced, and professional. If you go with a cheap bid from someone without the right experience, things are more likely to go wrong.

4. Fix a leaking water heater ASAP

Leaking water heaters are trouble. Even if it seems like a small trickle that doesn’t need immediate attention, call a plumber right away. If the tank ruptures, hundreds of gallons of water will flood your basement, damaging anything stored there and potentially causing a mold problem. It might take months for a leaking tank to rupture, but it could happen overnight. Why take the chance?

5. Theft-proof your home

If you think most burglaries occur overnight, you’re wrong: the majority actually occurs between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Always lock doors and windows, and install deterrent measures to protect your home.

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