Signs Your Home Only Needs a Roof Repair

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If you can’t get up on the roof to check things out, how do you know when it needs repair? These 6 signs will help you tell when a roof needs to be serviced, so you can schedule repair by a roofing professional.

Shingles are damaged

One of the biggest signs your roof needs repair is when shingles are damaged (cracked, curling, or split) or missing altogether. Have shingles fixed before water leaks through damaged or missing shingles.

Shingles are darker than expected

If your home shingles are darker than they should be, they’re either dirty or they’re wet. Moisture can be trapped inside shingles, giving them that wet appearance. Wet shingles aren’t able to do their job effectively, so they may need to be replaced.

Obvious wear and tear

Wear and tear is a big warning sign you’re overdue for roof repair, but what does wear and tear really mean? Often, you can spot this around roof objects, such as chimneys, pipes, or vents, where the roof looks aged. Wear and tear suggests the roof isn’t able to do it’s job. When it’s confined to roof objects, you may get away with light repair in those areas; when it’s widespread, roof replacement may be the better option.

Water stains on interior ceilings

If the ceilings of the home interior have water damage — which looks like tea-colored stains — then water’s leaking through the roof onto the ceiling. Call a roofer ASAP, before your home takes on more water damage.

Leaky attic

Your attic should not leak, even after a heavy rain. If your attic is leaking, your roof is badly in need of repair. It’s essential that you contact a professional roofer who can adequately assess the damage, provide a fair quote, and do the work to protect your home.

High energy bills

Often, one of the first signs of a roofing problem is higher than expected utility bills. Because air leaks in the attic increase your energy use, you’ll notice this spike year round, from heat loss in winter and air conditioning loss in summer. By fixing ventilation issues associated with the roof, you’ll shave money off your bills.

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