How to Get Ready for a Roof Replacement

roof blocksA roof replacement is a major home improvement. Here’s what you need to know to get your home and your family ready for a planned roof replacement.

Prepare the Home Exterior

Prepare the outside of your home by providing clear access to the work space. This means moving outdoor furniture, garbage bins and other “obstacles” out of the way. The helps ensure a safe work environment, and it protects your property.

Since workers will be passing through your yard, clear away furniture, toys, garbage bins, and other items kept outside. Not only will this help workers stay safe, it will protect your items from accidental damage and even speed up the work – this way, there’s less for workers to navigate around.

If there’s something you can’t move — say, a central air conditioner — disconnect it and cover it with something heavy (a sheet of plywood works well), so it doesn’t get damaged.

Set Aside a Place for Waste

Talk to your roofer about their plan for waste. If they’re going to bring a dumpster, clear space in the driveway ahead of time. If you don’t have space for a dumpster, consider allocating a corner of the yard for waste. Your roofer can then take loads to the dump as needed.

By working together on waste management, you can reduce debris and help the crew keep the site clean. Without setting aside a place for waste, you risk trip and fall injuries from waste left lying in the yard.

Clear Attic Access

The roofer will need attic access to complete the work. Before they begin the job, declutter and clear space to the attic. If there are any instructions workers need to follow when in the house — say, closing the doors so pets don’t escape — convey those to the crew manager.

Secure Fragile Items

Whenever you have workers in the home, protect your fragile items. This is especially true with projects like roof replacement, which can create vibrations that could send wall art and mirrors falling. Store fragile items in towels or bubble wrap until the work is done — you’re better safe than sorry!

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