Why It’s Important to Pick a Certified Roofer

As you start screening contractors for a roof replacement, it’s important to find out whether they’re certified — and quickly discard any who are not. Learn three reasons why it’s essential to hire only a certified roofer if you want to protect your home.

Certified Roofers are Properly Licensed

Since Ohio doesn’t require that roofers be licensed, anyone can call themselves a roofer — and damage your home or harm themselves while attempting to replace a roof. The best way to protect against an unqualified roofer is to hire a certified professional with the skills and experience to do things right.

While contractor licenses protect contractors and their employees, they also protect you as a client. If your roofer is not licensed and they fall from your roof, you could wind up paying their medical bills.

If you don’t want to defend yourself in a lawsuit should someone fall while on the job, seek a certified roofer who has the right license. As part of the licensing process, contractors must provide proof of insurance including workers’ compensation and liability.

Certified Roofers Have Relationships With Leading Manufacturers

Certified roofers offer clients the best products they have access to, because they want their clients to be happy with the work. Often, leading manufacturers check for product defects and offer strong warranties on their products, especially to certified contractors.

In other words, if you want the best product for the best price with the best guarantee, you need a certified roofer.

Certified Roofers Offer Satisfaction Guarantees

A certified roofer has a vested reputation in their community and prides themselves on doing good work. If you aren’t happy, a certified roofer will show up and do what’s right.

Here at Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof, we have full insurance, are accredited with the BBB, and offer a 100 percent guarantee on labor, material, and parts.

If there’s a problem with material rather than workmanship, we’ll fix it for you. Even if the manufacturer won’t honor their warrantee, we will.

These guarantees demonstrate how seriously we take our reputation and roofing work.

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