Hidden Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

If you don’t treat water damage in the home, mold and mildew will grow. These substances damage your home and your health, causing respiratory and cognitive issues. Yet it’s difficult to treat water damage because it often hides in plain sight. Find out how to spot water damage to safeguard your home.

Ceiling and Wall Damage

Roof leaks and plumbing leaks often damage ceilings and walls. If the paint begins to peel or ceiling starts to bubble, there’s a leak from an upper floor or roof. Discoloration on the walls and ceilings also suggests leaks.

Since leaky water can travel through walls, the damage may appear far from the source. Have a pro check things out rather than try to spot the origin of the leak yourself.

Flooring Issues

When exposed to water, both wood and laminate floors will buckle and swell. Baseboards can swell or fall apart.

When the floor starts to rot, it feels mushy. If the floor in front of the tub feels spongier than the floor near the bathroom door, for example, there’s a plumbing leak in the bathroom.

Failing Caulk and Counters

In the kitchen and bathroom, leaky faucets damage the counter or vanity area. Early signs of a leak include failing caulk around the sink and a loose faucet.

If you ignore these signs, water will penetrate the counter. Natural stone counters can discolor from water damage if it penetrates the protective sealant. Laminate counters will start to come apart at the seams.

High Water Bill

An overlooked sign of water damage comes monthly or quarterly in the form of your water bill. If bills are higher than usual and there’s no natural cause (like more frequent laundry loads when your kid is home from college for the summer), there could be a leak.

Sounds and Smells

Even if you can’t see water damage, you might hear the sound of running water or smell a musty odor. Musty or mildew smells indicate that something is moist.

Water damage compounds. If you spot signs of water damage in the home, it’s important to get a professional in ASAP to diagnose the source of water leans and repair things before the damage — and repair cost — balloon. Look to Brandstetter’s KangaRoof for efficient repairs of roof leaks or broken gutters that allow water into the home.