Big Home Maintenance Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning and home maintenance

People are getting ready for the annual spring cleaning. While most people focus on getting each room cleaned up and organized, your spring cleaning should also involve getting some big home maintenance projects done. Here are some ways to create the perfect checklist to ensure all the projects are done right.


Now with the warmer weather here, you want to inspect all areas of the home. Start from the foundation and get all the way to checking for leaks, damaged siding, drafty windows, and roof problems. Also check all your home’s interior systems, such as your central air, furnace, and air conditioning units.

Gutter Cleaning

With the trees now budding with new leaves, you want to get the gutters completely cleaned after the long winter. Get the gutters sparkling clean and also check for any problems with the gutter system. Look for any loose fasteners, shaky downspouts, or leaks along the pipes. Get the leaks caulked up and tighten any fasteners back into place.

Home Safety Checks

Safety systems such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and home security systems should be inspected regularly. Change the batteries in the detectors and ensure that the fire extinguisher is charged to where the needle is in the green zone. Also, evaluate all safety exits to ensure no obstacles are in the way.

Spruce Up Landscaping

Spring is also the time to get the yard in shape. You can clear out all the leaves and debris, pull up weeds, and mow the lawn. You’ll also want to look for any low areas near the foundation that may force water toward the home. You want to build up those areas with soil that is compacted. Afterward, feed and nourish your yard with the right fertilizers and grass seed based on the types of flowers, bushes, plants, and trees that you have.

Pool Maintenance

Hotter weather is just around the corner. If you have a pool, you’ll want to uncover it and begin inspecting the area for any issues. Perform pool repairs and get lights in working order. Next, you’ll want to clean the water and check the pH balance to get the water clean before anybody steps into the pool for some refreshing fun.

Getting your home ready will have it prepared for the spring and summer weather. You will also be able to free up your time so you can sit and enjoy your home with the entire family. If you are in need of any roof, skylight, gutter, or siding work, contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.