How to Prep Skylights for the Spring Sunshine

Skylight Spring Maintenance

After the winter, your skylights may look a little dirty and in need of repair. Before the spring sunshine and rain comes to visit your home, you want to get them clean and in working order. Here are a few ways to prep the skylights for spring:

Clean Skylights

Dirt, dust, and grime can get on the inside and outside of skylights. You do not need any heavy industrial cleaner. A simple mild soap and some water can help loosen the dirt and grime along the crevices and across the surface. To get the glass shiny, a mild glass cleaner that is non-abrasive and a soft pad works well for skylights.

Skylight Inspection

Have the skylight professionally inspected sooner rather than later. While you may be able to spot potential problems, such as cracked glass, you will want an expert up there for a closer look at the sash mechanism and wood frames. They can look at exterior fasteners as well as the flashing and cladding to spot damage.

Refinish Wood Frames

Pre-finished wood frames are exposed to a lot of weather. In time, they can begin to peel, fade, or crack. You can refinish the wood surface to provide protection or have the wood painted if you are looking for an entirely new look. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the proper application of the finish and paint to ensure a full, even coat that will provide the right protection.

Blind Motors Inspection

You may install blinds that operate by remote control or are solar-powered. When the sun comes down fully on the skylight, the blinds are activated to provide shade into the house. Installing these types of blinds can provide your home with better energy performance in the hotter months.

The blind motors can become worn after constant daily use. Have the blind motors inspected and any parts replaced so they operate at full capacity. If they are working well, clean them with a good vacuuming or wiping based on the material if they’re within reach.

Skylights can provide more natural light into the home when they are properly maintained. Get them inspected and repaired by contacting the professionals at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.