How Do I Decide on Home Renovation Projects?

New kitchen interior

Whether you’re dying to replace an outdated bathroom or bracing for the cost of a new furnace, you know that home renovations are sometimes necessary. What is often less clear is how to decide on what project to tackle next. Learn how to plan for and prioritize home improvements.

See What Your Neighbors Have Done

As you’re thinking about what to do next, take a walk around the neighborhood to see what the neighbors have done. This helps you keep in mind that value of your area and avoid over-investing in fancy home improvements that would look out of place in your community. If you notice that your roof looks shabby compared to everyone else’s, for example, it’s probably a sign that you could use a roof replacement.

Keep your home’s value in mind. If you sink a lot of money into, for instance, an attic conversion, but your home has a modest value, you probably won’t be able to recoup what you spent.

Make a List

Keep handy a big list of potential home improvements so you have everything in one place. As you have the time and money, pick projects from the list that are feasible. A small tax refund might not cover a bathroom remodel or new windows, for example, but it could replace an old garage door or add a skylight.


Savvy homeowners prioritize their list based on needs rather than wants–think HVAC, insulation, or a new roof. Invest first on what will protect the home, then splurge on something you really want.

If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, think about the renovation projects that would make your house pop on the market. You may be able to recoup what you spent or greater by investing in projects that make your home stand out. Since outdoor living is a big trend of interest to homebuyers, investing in landscaping or a deck addition can make your home appeal. You may sell the house quicker or for a bigger offer than you otherwise would.

Home renovation projects not only help you get the most out of your home, they keep important systems up to date and ensure you’ll realize value when you go to sell your home. To get a quote for roofing repair or any of our other services, contact us today.