3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding can be an attractive and durable choice for home siding, provided you take care of the material. Learn three easy ways you can keep your vinyl siding not only looking great but protecting your home for years to come.

1. Check things out

Once or twice a year, walk around your home and look at your siding–really look at it. You’ll want to make sure all the siding is intact (not hanging loose or chipped), free of mildew and mold, and in good condition. Damage can occur underneath the siding, so get up close. If the siding looks stained or streaky, there could be water damage underneath.

2. Wash your siding

Wash your siding to remove grime, mold, and mildew and keep things looking good. While some home repair professionals recommend using a pressure washer to clean vinyl siding, you may do more harm than good if you are unfamiliar with pressure washers. Instead of a pressure washer, use a garden hose. Rinse off debris, then scrub stubborn stains with a solution that’s 30/70 distilled white vinegar to water.

3. Treat your siding gently

Vinyl siding is prone to dents and may warp in extreme heat. While you are unable to prevent damage from weather-related events, such as a hailstorm, you can take steps to mitigate any damage your siding may experience.

Avoid using grills, fire pits, or portable heaters near the vinyl siding, as the heat these devices give off can melt the siding.

To prevent dents, avoid hitting the siding with anything, whether that’s a lawnmower or edger, a bicycle, or a baseball. If you play sports with the children in the yard, do so far away from the house or consider heading to a local park instead, so a fly ball won’t damage the home siding. By taking a little extra care to treat your siding gently, you can keep it in good working condition for longer than it would otherwise last, while ensuring the siding is able to protect your home.

Get an Estimate for Siding Repair

While small areas of damage can usually be repaired, when siding becomes too old or too damaged, it’s better off replaced with fresh siding to maintain the integrity of your home. Explore your options with a free quote from the Cincinnati siding repair specialists at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.