How to Check the Quality of Your Roof Installation

Roof Quality Inspection

Getting roof installation in Cincinnati is an exciting time. However, keep in mind that every contractor and crew don’t perform the same quality craftsmanship. You always want to inspect the quality of the installation process to ensure that the job was done right. Checking the quality ensures that you won’t experience problems that could lead to costly repairs. Here are several ways to check the quality of the roof installation service.

Visual Inspection

If you feel comfortable enough to get up on the roof, you should perform a visual inspection of the shingles, nails, and flashing. You can also perform the inspection on the ground during the installation process and afterward. If you want to have someone else closely inspect the roof, there are many contractors who perform roof inspections.

The first thing to look at are the shingles. Do they look even and uniform? The shingles should simply look the same throughout the entire roof. If there are spots that don’t pass the eye test, it could indicate that the section was not properly installed.

You also want to check the nailing. There should be an overhang of around an inch (1″) to an inch and a half (1 1/2″). If there is drip edge flashing, the overhang should be about half an inch (1/2″) to three-quarters of an inch (3/4″). If there is not enough of an overhang to the shingles, water can enter the fascia boards or rake. Too much overhang could lead to the shingles being blown off by the wind. Also check that the nails are well anchored, evenly placed, and set at the proper depth.

Flashing Inspection

The flashing consists of the galvanized metal strip that redirects the water away from vents, chimneys, skylights, and other areas that connect to the roofing system. You want to see if flashing was installed in these areas by the roof installation service. If the flashing is present, it should not be rusted, peeling up, or buckled. If you notice these problems, the flashing will need to be replaced.

Job Site Clean Up

The contractor performing roof installation in Cincinnati should always maintain a clean work site. Any excess materials should not be left on the ground and should be placed either on the contractor’s truck or the rented dumpster. If the contractor does not take care of the job site and they leave nails, material scraps, demolition debris, and other items behind, it could create an unsafe walking environment for your family, kids, and pets.

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