How to Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts

Person cleaning gutters

Gutters and downspouts are essential systems in your home. They redirect water from the roof so the water does not run down the siding and along the foundation. However, gutters and downspouts can become clogged with leaves, debris, animal nests, small branches, and even windblown bags or plastic trash.

With these things clogging the gutter system, it leads to water overflowing the sides of the gutter or up from the downspout which increases the risk of flooding your foundation or basement. It also causes ice dams that could weigh down and dislodge the gutters in the winter.

Cleaning Your Gutter and Downspouts

It is a simple job to clean out the gutters. With proper preparation and safety measures, you can get them cleaned quickly over the weekend. Here are several steps to take for the task:


You want to dress appropriately because it is a dirty job, as the mud and grime can splatter. Wear long-sleeved clothing and rubber gloves. You will also want to use a solid and steady ladder. Consider recruiting a helper to lend an extra hand who can pass up tools or hold the ladder steady.

Removing Debris

Avoid using your hands to scoop out the debris, as there could be sharp and pointy objects, such as branches or loose shingle nails, hiding in the debris. Pull out branches and use a scoop to dig out the grime. Gutter scoops are available at most hardware or home improvement stores. However, you could also use a handheld shovel, sturdy kitchen scoop, spatula, or even a child’s old scooping toy to get the job done.

Toss the gunk onto a tarp or bag-lined bucket. This setup helps to protect your lawn and makes cleanup a lot easier in the end. Once all the gunk is removed, use a garden hose to flush out the gutters and downspouts of the dirt until they are clean.

Gutter System Repair

When cleaning your gutters or hosing them out, you may find problems with the downspout or leaks along the gutters. If there are any problems, contact the professionals at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof to invest in gutter repair. We will ensure your gutter systems are working optimally for all types of adverse weather.