Fall Gutter Repair Is Essential

Fall gutter repair

A maintenance item for your home that is often forgotten about is the gutter system. Due to its location, many people don’t consider that any problems could arise from the system. However, faulty gutters can cause a whole host of problems that could compromise the integrity of your home and serious damage.

Faulty Gutter Problems

A big problem that happens in the fall season is that dead leaves begin to clog the gutter. As the leaves, dirt, branches, and grime get mixed together, this debris can clog up the gutter.

When the fall rain and winter snow arrives, the water has nowhere to go. Instead of the water traveling down the gutters and downspout, it can overflow over the sides. The water can slide down the sides of the home and cause erosion to occur along the foundation. In time, your basement can develop cracks and begin to flood.

During the winter, the snow and ice experience the same problems. The water cannot drain out of the gutter as it freezes and forms icicles that hang over the sides. The weight of all the accumulating ice and snow may cause the entire gutter system to pull loose from its fasteners and fall off from your home.

Fall Gutter Repair

You should perform the gutter repair right after the last leaves have fallen from the trees. Then you can clean out all the leaves at once. Then, inspect the gutter system for any missing fasteners and tighten your gutter back into place. With the gutters cleaned out, you can more easily spot issues that should be repaired before the winter weather arrives.

Just like other parts of your home, the gutters will not last forever. They will eventually need to be repaired and replaced. If you are looking for gutter replacement and repair services, reach out to our professionals at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.