Is It a Leak or Condensation?

You know that roof leaks spell danger, so when you spot discoloration on your ceiling, you begin to worry. Roof leaks compound over time so it’s important to get things checked out right away. In some cases, the issue is simply condensation — a much less critical problem. Find out how to tell whether you’re dealing with a roof leak vs. condensation.

Signs You Have a Roof Leak

If you’re looking at a roof leak, you will find other signs in your home. If you can see through to the sky from the attic, then there is no question you have a roof leak. In this case, take immediate action to get the roof fixed before you incur more property damage.

If you don’t see daylight from the attic, perform one more test to see if your roof could be leaking. Head out to the yard and step back so you get a good view of the roof line. If you notice missing shingles, cracked shingles, or damaged shingles, odds are good that you have a roofing problem.
Avoid the temptation to climb up on the roof and check things out, as many homeowners become injured when they try to diagnose roof repairs.

Signs it’s Condensation

Condensation happens when there’s a temperature difference between a cold surface and moist water vapor. You know condensation when you see it — for instance, when the bathroom windows fog up after you take a shower.

If you begin to see condensation around windows, vents, skylights, or light fixtures, it’s probably condensation and not water leaking from the roof.

Condensation is not as serious as a roof leak, but it should not be overlooked. Over time, condensation can cause water damage to your home.

To mitigate condensation, invest in attic insulation and pipe insulation. By insulating the attic, you can heat up those chilly surfaces and reduce the likelihood of condensation in your home.

If you take steps to fix condensation and you still notice moisture in the air, bring in a roofer for peace of mind.

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